6th Annual Legend of Lake Fork

Discussion in 'Tournament Dates & Information' started by ColinS, May 7, 2010.

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    Just wanted to let everyone know that the 6th annual Legend of Lake Fork Tournament is coming up next week. This year they are running the tournament for 3 days May14, 15, 16. Over $237,000 guaranteed in cash and prizes. I have fished this tournament before since I grew up in the North East Texas area and fished Fork all my life and let me tell ya that the boat traffic is unreal. Last year when I checked in me and my partner were # 863 & 864! It's a big fish tournament with 5 places being paid every hour. So if you don't mind all the boats and want a chance to win some good $ then head on up North to the Big BASS lake of teh Southern U.S. Better find ya a room pretty quick if anybody has 1 left for that weekend. FISH ON!

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