Choke Canyon 12-17-16

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    Hit Choke Canyon up on Saturday before the front blew in. Got on the water at about 11 and was greeted with 10-15mph winds and a lot of cloud cover which all blew thew at about 12pm leaving it freaking hot,no wind, and no clouds. I had my youngest brother with me from Wyoming in which he left -3 temps only to come bake in the sun in some 88 degree temps for about 6 hours.

    Fishing was sloooooww. We fished mainly shallow around the hydrilla throwing jerkbaits and trick worms and picked up a couple small ones all in the 4 fingers area. BTW, the hydrilla is extremely healthy and green and pretty much surrounds the whole lake right now.

    We got out of the creeks as it was just too damn hot and fished some main lake points hoping for a little wind to cool off my lil bro, and picked up 10 small keepers all on c-rigs and drop shot in 15-18 ft of water. My lil bro being the trout fisherman he is says he likes to throw baits that are white or orange and look like little fish. Well I found a pack of bubble gum flukes, and apparently that was the ticket on the dropshot. Jerking it pretty hard, jigging it, as well as just flailing it around like you would work a fly on top or something got the most bites.

    We hit some more hydrilla around Naylors pond throwing frogs, and other light unweighted plastics over the sexy green hydrilla at dusk and didn't even get a bite. Ended the day with our best 5 going maybe 7 pounds and my lil bro with a severe sun burn and sweet farmers tan. He's pretty pumped to show it off to his buddies back in Wyoming he says.

    Water temp was 61 when we launched, and 65 when we put it back on the trailer.
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    Drop shotting on Choke? You Tames?

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