Fisherman’s Christmas wish list

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    Dec 11, 2017
    Christmas Deals are on the way. It’s time to add some new fishing tackles for the next year. Below are 4 gift ideas for fishermen of all skill levels that fit any budget.

    1. Costa's Cut sunglasses: offer both exceptional on-the-water functionality with a classic, more stylish look than typical polarized shades

    2. Nomad nets: They're made of composite materials, and the basket is rubberized mesh, so they're easy on both anglers and fish.

    3. Fishing rod & reel Combo: these combos are great for casters of any skill level, and the rods are telescopic for your travel convenience with a box. You'd never guess the whole shebang went for under $70.

    4. KOA dog collars with wicked trout pattern color: the KOA collars are coated in medical-grade urethane that makes them 100% water-resistant and dirt impenetrable.

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