Georgetown crappie and bass

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    Aug 5, 2015
    Did a few boat trailer repairs this morning so ran out to lake Georgetown to make sure everything is good for my upcoming trip to the pecos river. I figured the crappie bite would be off due to the cold front and rains but hit a few piles anyhow and dropped a few jigs. Caught a nice black crappie that outweighed my current lake record and tossed him back for another day. The bite was really slow and I was seeing bass blow up all around me so threw a crappie jig toward one blowup and fish on!

    I usually have at least one bass setup with me but of course i did not today because I was planning on a quick trip. Tied on a spook to my 6 foot crappie rod and started slinging. Had 4 blowups in 30 minutes in 50-65 feet of water. They were not schooling but scattered all over and I would use the trolling motor to get close. Talk about fun! Must have had a hybrid on one because he hit it like a freight train and was ripping drag before i even set the hook. Set the hook as hard as I could with a light weight crappie rod and he got off somehow. Thought he broke me off but my spook was still there. Also had an 1.5 pounder black that spit out 4 shad as I was bringing him in and a few dinks.

    Water temp 80 degrees today and clarity was better than i was expecting. Ended up being a fun little trip. IMG_20160927_161854.jpg IMG_20160927_161935.jpg
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