Hatch Seal Replacement

Discussion in 'Boats' started by Chris Coufal, Sep 23, 2016.

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    I finally broke down and decided to replace the seals on my boxes because they were not properly sealing to the lid and water was making it's way in. Some of the seals were damaged and others were never properly installed from the factory; they cut across the corner instead of being bent around it. After a few days of research I went with the Trim-Lok X202-BT. It has the 3M bonded tape and according to the spec sheet they provide, it has some decent durability properties and is resistant to sun, water and compression properties. You cannot buy it straight from Trim-Lok (unless you need 500ft) but a quick search on Amazon yielded 25ft rolls. According to my calculations 60ft would give me a little extra, however I could not get the job done with 2 rolls (50ft).

    First impressions out of the package was that it was a dense, high quality foam. It wasn't until I applied it that I realized the 3M adhesive/tape was top notch! The install was pretty straight forward: Remove the old, use some adhesive remover, clean the surface and then install the new.

    Those of you with this type of seal on your boxes.....this is a great replacement to get them back to being "leak resistant" (notice I didn't say leak proof....LOL). Make sure to get the BT version with the heavy duty 3M tape.


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