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Discussion in 'TTZ Lounge' started by KC_Crow, Oct 3, 2017.

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    Wife and I were fishing in Cypress Sunday morning and were approched by two fellows in a jonboat that identified themselves as TPWD biologists. They asked if we would mind answering a few survey questions, so we did.

    They asked:
    1. Where we launched
    2. How long we had been fishing (that day)
    3. How much longer we intended to fish
    4. How many fish we had harvested
    5. How many fish we had caught
    6. How many were 14" or greater
    7. What species we were targeting
    8. How many striped bass we had caught in the last 12 months
    9. If we ever specifically targeted striped bass in the last 12 months
    10. How much money we would spend for the day's outing including fuel, drinks, snacks, bait, etc.
    I asked if they were looking at changing the length regs and he said that was part of it. Will be interesting to see which way they go if they do tinker with it.

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