Lake Georgetown Thursday Night Tournament 4-4-19

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    Thank you to all the anglers who came out to fish with us last week.

    I've recently volunteered to help keep up with posting the tournament results on the TTZ forum. I'll post the results from last week's tournament and tonight's tournament tomorrow morning, 4-5-19 and from then on, you should expect to see results from the previous night's tournaments the next morning.

    For the TTZ Lake Georgetown Thursday Night Tournaments check in will start at 5:00 pm at the Cedar Breaks ramp. Once you register and have your live-wells checked you will be given a chip, then you can proceed to your starting spot. First cast is 5:45 pm. Early casts will result in disqualification. Weigh in will start at 9:15 pm and end by 9:45 pm. Only boats with their chip on the table by 9:15 pm will be allowed to weigh in. The weigh in will close at 9:45 pm sharp, you must be in line by 9:45. This will be a best 5 bass tournament. Any combination of largemouth, smallmouth, guadalupe, or spotted bass 14 inches or greater may be weighed. There is a one pound penalty for a dead fish, a dead fish can not win big bass.

    Complete rule set is here:

    Quick reminder, the Georgetown Thursday Night Angler of the Year will be awarded free entry into the 2020 TTZ Trail events. The winner of the AOY race will be determined using a points system adding each angler's best 15 tournament scores. The angler with the highest total points will win Georgetown AOY. So, if you plan to try to win Angler of the year, make sure you weigh in your fish, we all know how stingy lake Georgetown can be.

    Good luck to all and we hope to see you again this week!

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