LBJ crappie fishing with kid 09/18/16

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    Aug 3, 2015
    My son, me and our mutual fishing buddy decided to head out with Capt Jess for a nice Sunday of crappie fishing. The freezer was pretty empty and fish tacos were calling our names. Hit the water at about 8 and fished in the heat until about 1. Caught 42 total, lost a couple and caught a couple unders, blacks and drum. These were probably the biggest crappie I've seen come out of LBJ, and it seemed like half of them were no doubter biggins. Weighed the filets at home and we got approx 10lbs of filets out of the fish. It was awesome. As always, Jess was great with my son. We hopped piles when we had to and nailed them when we got on them. All in all a great day. Thanks again Jess. I'd highly recommend anyway wanting to crappie fish, or take their kids fishing, to give Jess a ring.

    On the water at 8, fished til 2. Jigs tipped with minnows or nibbles in 12 - 26 ft of water. Air temp at start was approx 80, ended up at 97 or so. Felt cooler unders Jess's canopy though.


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