Marble Falls 8/3 and 8/4

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by Chris Baker, Aug 9, 2016.

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    I was able to get out on Lake Marble Falls a couple of times recently. Last Wednesday I took my future Son n law in the evening and we had a good time. We caught 8 bass in about 3 hours of flipping worms and craws into and under bushes. He caught our biggest at almost 3 lbs. Not too bad but it took nearly 18 lbs to win the Wednesday night jackpot. So I was motivated to go back on Thursday for a couple of hours, I fished by myself from 12-2 or so. The fishing was good but not for size. I caught 10 plus bass up to 2.5 lbs and most were under 14". This time I tried a drop shot in 15 - 20' of water on a couple of small humps with brush on them. I used a fluke, finesse worm, and a small money minnow on my drop shot. The Yum money minnow caught my two biggest. I also hear the docks have been good but I have not tried them.

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