Rockport 9/2-9/4

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    Aug 4, 2015
    Made a trip down to Rockport last week for some fishing and gigging. Weather was awesome and since it was during the week we had the water to ourselves.

    We left Wednesday at noon and made it down after some stops around 4pm. After a quick dinner we headed out to do some gigging around 8pm. We quickly got on the fish and had our limit by 10pm. We used David Dupnik of Surrender by Sunrise charters. David was knowledgeable and a good time to be around, i'd recommend him to anyone looking for a flounder trip.

    Thursday we Fished with Larry Robinson of Shallow Water Guide Service. I've been using Larry for a few years and he is as good as they come in my opinion. We met at Cove Harbor Marina and headed out at 8am after some morning showers passed. The wind was out of the north so it had fishing a little backwards for this time of year. We jumped around to a few different spots and picked up 1 or 2 keeper trout at each one before it would shut off. we then switched over to redfish but no luck there. we were about ready to call it a day when he decided to make one last stop at a redfish hole on the way in. We got set up and tossed some piggy's to the edge of a grass line and I got hit, immediately the fish headed for deeper water and was doing to classic redfish swim around the boat. The fish finally made it up to the surface where we could see it and Larry commented about how silvery that redfish looked, well we got it closer to the boat and realized that what we thought was a nice slot redfish was actually a nice 27" trout. It was my 2nd biggest trout ever to the 28.5" that I had caught down in Baffin a couple years back. What a good way to end the day.

    Friday morning we headed down to Nueces with my uncle on his boat and struggled with a high tide. We ended up with 6 keeper trout, the biggest 21", 1 flounder and 2 nice slot redfish of 26" and 27". It was a good start to a holiday weekend.

    We headed back Friday afternoon. It was a good last trip of the summer for us since we probably wont make it down again with hunting season bearing down on us.

    27" trout courtesy of Shallow Water Guide Service.

    I have some other pics of the gigging trip but need to have them re-sized, I will try and update the post later.
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    Jun 18, 2015
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    Thanks for the report and picture!
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    Jul 28, 2015
    Osaka, Japan
    Nice fish!
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    Sep 3, 2015
    I caught a 29 inch spec years a go. I'll never forget that battle. It lasted for a long time. Plus I was wade fishing at the time. I probably won't ever catch one close to that size again. It was huge and fun.
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