Rough start today

Discussion in 'Crappie - Catfish - Striper' started by HarleyRockstar, Feb 13, 2017.

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    Aug 5, 2015
    Been itching to get on Lake Austin now it is filled so drove to Walsh ramp with all the 9-5'rs this morning hoping to get into some slabs(Won't do that again, traffic was horrible all the way from Leander) . Heard the ramps would be re-opened today but not the case when I arrived. Kind of thought this might happen so had a back up plan and drove to 360 to launch. Same story, ramps were closed and the check in station was locked up. Ran into another fisherman who was going to launch anyhow but after talking about fines and not being able to get ahold of Travis County we both held off. The shad were busting topwater all over the river channel so it made it really hard to drive away. Stop 3 was Cypress Creek on Lake Travis. Left the house at 0730 this morning and did not launch until 0950. I'm thinking all I want to do is fish so this was really annoying. Made it just in time for the wind to kick up and a noticeable drop in air temperature. Thinking to myself it is going to be a wasted day but I did not care what happened I was going to do some fishing!

    Managed to find some fish on a deep water dock and caught 4 crappie and 2 bass. Big fish of the day would have been at least a 4 pound bass that spit my crappie jig right at the boat. Also caught my first "Mohawk crappie" which was pretty cool even though he was a throwback. Lots of pro's out on the lake today but I did not see anyone else catch a thing.

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