Seeking Advice--Preparing a kid to fish tournaments

Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by Downthehill, Mar 11, 2018.

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    Mar 11, 2018
    Some kids watch cartoons, others play video games. My 6 year old watches TTZ tournament videos (and other fishing videos) over and over again (I'm not even sure how he found the videos). He is convinced that he wants to grow up and win a TTZ tournament.

    Here's the rub. I have fished saltwater my whole life and know nothing about lake fishing. I'll be learning along with him, hopefully at a much faster pace. I still know nothing about how to fish a tournament.

    So, long story short, how do I train/prepare a young child to fish in your league? I was thinking about hiring a guide to be his "coach" to speed things along. Any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance to anyone with time to share your thoughts.
  2. DBarron

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    Jul 14, 2011
    -Youtube is a good resource for learning the basics. Some individual posters have good info but I would stick to the sites like Major League Fishing, Bassmaster, etc. A lot of salt water fishing mechanics transcend to bass fishing (knots, line, etc).
    -Hire a reputable guide. Time on the water with guide can expedite the learning process, and ask questions. A guides knowledge can point you in the right direction for seasonal patterns and baits to be successful.
    -Join a local bass club and fish weeknight/weekend events. Most of these are laid back with local anglers that can not only give you some competition but get you on the water to see how you stack up. Many of the weeknight events are ran similarly to the trail events so you can familiarize yourself with the take off/weigh-in procedure, general rules, and competing in a group.
    -Fish with other people as often as possible. I learn something from everyone I fish with and there is no substitute for time on the water.
    -Have fun. Involve your son in the entire process from buying lures to learning techniques. Even if your not fishing tournaments take him to weigh-ins, let him see the show and fish caught

    TTZ as most trails love to see an adult/youth team fishing together and in most cases have reduced entries to reflect that. I know several father/son teams that are consistently in the money.
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    Dec 21, 2010
    Dustin is right on^^
    You may also consider that the all day tournaments can be absolutely exhausting!
    Fish a few weeknight tournaments such as Travis Tuesday nighter or Georgetown Thursday nighter whih ends at an earlier time. Take him to the big tournament weigh ins for some exposure.
    All the best!

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