Shimano Curado Reels & Misc Rods

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    Aug 4, 2015
    Been spending more time on the golf course than the lakes lately. I simply don't use my stuff and hate to see it sit around. All very lightly used except for the NRX, that is brand new.

    For Sale:
    Barely used
    SOLD 2 x Curado 200IHG - 7.2:1 gear ratio $135ea SOLD
    SOLD 1 x Curado 200I - 6.3:1 gear ratio $135 SOLD

    Curados (Large).jpg Curado Box (Large).jpg

    1 x Duckett Terex - 6'6" Medium DFTX66M-C (jerk bait rod) $100

    Duckett (Large).jpg Duckett Handle (Large).jpg

    1 x Falcon Lowrider20 - 7'3" Heavy LFC-7-173S (flip/punch rod) $125

    Falcon (Large).jpg Falcon Handle (Large).jpg

    SOLD 1 x NEW G.Loomis NRX 893C JWR - 7'5" Med-Heavy Ex Fast (deep jig/worm rod) NEW $300 SOLD

    NRX (Large).jpg NRX Handle (Large).jpg

    Rods (Large).jpg
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