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    Selling 16 bags of plastics. All in good shape nothing wrong with them. If you’re interested email me at or Pm me. Sometimes I don’t get the PM. I’m asking $45.00 for all 16 bags. They are:

    V&M Wild Thang Cliffs wild craw

    Bloody Craw- 5 in a bag

    Alabama craw- 5 in a bag

    Delta Melon craw- 5 in a bag

    Warrior Baits

    Warrior Craw 4 “ sprayed Grass- 4 in a bag

    Bruiser Baits

    Evil Twin- Green pumpkin 6 in a bag

    Lunker City Slug Go’s 4.5”

    Ice shad- 5 in a bag

    Black- 10 in a bag

    Fin-S 4” Arkansas Shinner- 10 in a bag

    YUM 4.5” Sharp Shooter worm

    Bold Blu- 10 in a bag

    Gene Larew Rattlin Craw

    4.5” green pumpkin/chart/pepper 5 in a bag

    Secret Lures- Stupid tube

    3.7” Green Pumpkin 8 in a bag

    Cablelas Action Tail Single Grubs 3”

    Chart/Glitter 10 in a bag

    Yellow- 15 in a bag

    White- 6 in a bag.

    Kalin’s Salty Lunker Grub 3 “

    Chart/salt & pepper 16 in a bag

    YUM Grub 3” ( NOT SHOWEN )

    Red/Blood line 20 in a bag

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