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    Selling some plastic baits. In new plastic bags. All in good shape. Total of 231 plastics baits. Selling all for $45.00 and free ship. My email is or PM me on this form. Thanks

    Berkley Power Baits

    4” Finesse Curly Tail

    Black 32 worms in a bag.

    June bug 13 worms in a bag.

    Tournament Worm

    June bug 21 worms in a bag. 7 ½”

    Red shad 10 worms in a bag. 6 ½”

    (Looks like) Brush Hug 5 ½”

    Watermelon/red flake 7 brush hogs in a bag.

    Lizard 7 ½”

    Smoke/blue/gold flake 9 lizards in a bag.

    4 “Straight Finesse Worm

    Electric Grape 24 worms in bag.

    Mann’s Paddler Tail 5 “

    June bug 8 worms in a bag

    Red shade 7 worms in a bag.

    Light chart 10 worms in a bag.

    Ring Worms 4 ½”

    Chart 15 worms in a bag.

    Black/chart 11 worms in a bag.

    Root Beer/ green flake 16 worms in a bag.

    Brown/Org 15 worms in a bag.

    Keitech Swing Impact 3.5”

    Bluegill/flash 8 swim baits in a bag.

    GreenPumkin/Chart 18 swim baits in a bag.

    Strike King Coffee Tubes 3 ½”

    GreenPumpkin 7 tubes in a bag.
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