Third times a charm.....kind of

Discussion in 'Crappie - Catfish - Striper' started by HarleyRockstar, Aug 30, 2016.

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    Aug 5, 2015
    Went out to Decker late this morning to catch some of the elusive black crappie on this lake. I have been skunked crappie fishing there my last 2 outings(1 in the spring and 1 in the early summer). Found a nice brush pile my last time there and planned on fishing it again. Hit a few areas that looked promising on the way to the pile with no luck. Surface temp was 83 degrees today and the wind was pretty constant with some big gusts.

    First fish of the day surprised me. Dropped my jig down in 20 foot of water and reeled in 2 cranks. Line went slack and I was excited it was a crappie and set the hook. But reeled in a monster redbreast sunfish! Surprised me because it did not hit the jig at all and the line just went slack like a crappie. Never had this happen before on a perch.

    Fish 2 got off before I could see it. Was taking a phone call and using my hand controlled TM so did not get a good hookset. Fish 3 was a barndoor black crappie that got off when i tried to boat flip him. ugh!!

    Fourth and final fish was a solid 11 inch black crappie with some shoulders on him. That fish completed my goal of catching a black crappie on Decker. Tough lake for crappie fishing in my opinion. I'm going back to Granger!!
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