TTZ 2015 Skeeter FXi 21, pic heavy

Discussion in 'Boats' started by John D. Ward, Mar 12, 2015.

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    As a lot of you guys know a part of Skeeter being a sponsor of TTZ, we get to run two demo boats each year. They provide one through South Austin Marine and one through Boerne Marine. I've had the pleasure this year of working with SAM and their great crew. When it came time to order us a boat in January, we would of been happy with whatever SAM wanted to offer. The new ZX 225s and 250s are amazing boats, tournament ready out the door for around $50k. But SAM wanted to go that little extra bit with our sponsorship, and asked me to build out specs on one of their new flagship boats the FXi 21. That's one of the main things I love about Joey and his crew at SAM, they go the extra mile.

    As for the SAM demo Skeeter, Booker took the reins off me and said do what you want bud, just make it look kick ass. A person could get lost for hours on the Skeeter :: Build My Skeeter website, but I finally got a boat that I really liked and Joey sent in the order for us. Nine weeks later we had a custom, hand made in Texas boat from Skeeter. Booker and I had the pleasure of breaking her in yesterday, and she is a beauty. The FXi is the i-class hull, famed for handling big water, with the premium FX top cap and features. This boat is very responsive, and is as smooth as they get.

    First the specs:
    HDS Touch 12 in dash
    HDS Touch 9 up front
    Bluetooth Stereo system with 3 speakers
    Hot foot
    Power pole
    Blinker trim
    Oxygen system for livewells
    Dry dock blower system
    Premium rims
    Custom paint
    250 SHO


    We keep the boat over at Shoreline, I swung by in the morning and picked her up. Greg came out and bolted on my temporary plate for me. (I had taken it off to get it laminated, so it would last longer) Thanks Greg. You can see Dale Read's truck in the background, he had come over to talk about some work he was getting done on his boat.

    The Black Widow
    the red looks darker when its overcast

    She ran like a dream, and a cool thing about these SHOs is the initial break in is only 2 hours. From hour 3 to 10 just can't go full throttle for over 5 minutes at a time. Which is fine on LA, I never go longer than 5 miles without wanting to hit a spot.

    Today the sun came out so I ran out in front of my house and snapped some photos. You can see the iridescent flake in the red when the sun is out. I love the contrast of the fire red glitter against the solid black gel. The subtle silver glitter pinstripes pull it all together.

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    what a beautiful rig

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