TTZ Toledo Bend - 1/27/18 - $10K Guaranteed 1st Place

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    TTZ will kick off the 2018 North and East Region Saturday, January 27th, on Toledo Bend. For event details please click this link:

    TTZ Trail North-East - Toledo Bend

    There is a link on the Toledo Bend event page for early online registration. There are also links for preferred lodging locations, ask for the TTZ discounts!!!

    If you would like to register in person, we will have onsite registration as well, at the following times:

    Friday, January 26th — 5:00pm to 9:00pm at Fin & Feather
    -At early registration we will provide complimentary food and beverages.

    Saturday, January 27th — Registration opens at 5:00am at Fin & Feather

    If you have questions please contact us anytime, Brian Booker, (512) 761-2426.

    TTZ events are sanctioned for Skeeter Real Money, Triton Gold, Legend Advantage, BassCat Quest, and Phoenix First Flight.

    For a complete listing of events and qualifications for the TTZ Championship, and the $30,000 guaranteed first place prize, please click on this link:

    2018 TTZ Trail Schedule

    As a reminder boats can launch from any ramp, release and weigh-in will be at Fin & Feather. For a complete listing of TTZ trail rules please click on this link:

    RULES | Texas Tournament Zone

    It's almost time, looking forward to a great weekend of tournament fishing!

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