TTZ Travis Tuesday Night 10-17-17 - $1960+ Big Bass Pot

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    Jun 23, 2015

    Lot's of five fish limits weighed again last week. No big bass was caught be we had a couple that were close. We are rolling over $1960 into this week's pot. The weather looks great, I'd expect another great turn out this week!



    We are qualified for Skeeter Real Money, if you are fishing out of any year Skeeter with a Yamaha motor you need to sign up, don't leave $$$$ on the table after you win.

    Thank you for coming out and supporting TTZ Travis Tuesday!

    Registration and weigh-in at Mansfield Dam Park, otherwise we have the same rules as in the past years.

    Check in will start at 5:30PM at Mansfield Dam Park, all boats must draw a number for take off. Boats will be launched by their draw order starting at 6:30PM. Please come by the launch boat with your livewells open as we call your number. Weigh-in will start at 10:00PM, only the boats with a chip on the table by 10:00PM will be allowed to weigh. So drop off your chip, then go trailer your boat up to the lot to weigh your fish. As long as your chip is on the table in time you will get to weigh your fish

    This will be a best 5 bass tournament, any combination of LMB, spot, smallie, or guadalupe bass, a minimum of 14 inches. There is a 7 pound minimum for Big Bass. If the pot is not won it will rollover to the next week. At the end of the year if not collected the pot will be split among the top finishing qualified teams in the final night's payout. You must have fished at least one event to qualify for Big Bass pot money on the final night.

    For the complete set of rules please go to:

    Lake Travis Tuesday Night bass tournament

    As always we hope everybody can make it out Tuesday night, but if not you can watch the weigh-in results live on: Texas Tournament Zone

    Don't miss out on your bonus money if you have a Skeeter! The TTZ Weeknight Tournaments are sanctioned for Skeeter Real Money and we paid over $16,000 in Skeeter incentive money the last three years. Where else can you fish a 3.5 hour tournament on a $40 entry and win thousands? With the Wednesday and Thursday Night Tournaments also sanctioned for Skeeter Real Money you now have FOUR TIMES the chance to win more money fishing out of a Skeeter every week!

    TTZ Tuesday Nights are sponsored by:
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    Great turnout this week, we had 46 teams. No big bass was caught, so we are rolling over $2190 into the final TTZ Travis Tuesday next week on 10/24.
    Results and photos for this week are here, congrats to the winners:

    Sendlein and Simono win Travis Tuesday with 14.92 lbs | Texas Tournament Zone

    Reminders for the last week! In order to collect the big bass pot both you and your partner (if you fish as a team instead of solo) need to have fished at least one Travis Tuesday this year. Your fish must be at least 7.00 lbs just like any other week.


    Then we will split the big bass pot up with the winning teams. Again, both you and your partner need to have fished at least one Travis Tuesday this year. If you have not fished any events you can still win money. You can win the normal weekly money for the last night, but not the big bass money. Good luck everybody!

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